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Decades of exhibition industry experience, complete booth design control system and marketing strategy control, provide you with a variety of options until you are satisfied

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Meetings and events to shopping malls, exhibition halls and museums, S&W provides customers with consistent global quality and service standards. Our global service network provides complete planning, design,production, construction and service

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S&W Messeservice is the world’s leading professional exhibition, production and construction  exhibition company, founded in the global exhibition center – Düsseldorf, Germany.

 In the decades of development, a strong global service network has become a leader in the regional

 We adhere to the development strategy of growing together with the world’s and China’s well-known companies and brands, integrating global resources, and customers are provided a one-stop global service concept.


Decades of exhibition experience have enabled S&W Messeservice to accumulate a wealth of customer resources, and professional services have been well received by customers.

A few things we’re great at

Diversified exhibition marketing solutions

In more than ten years of exhibition design, S&W has always insisted on providing tailor-made design solutions and quality construction quality for each customer.Professional factory production, as well as a variety of booth production materials, showcase various construction solutions for your booth

We have rich experience in cleaning the on-site maintenance of the exhibition hall. The cleaning staff are first trained and then hired, with strict discipline, uniform dressing, military management, and customer satisfaction is the company’s constant pursuit!

The company has excellent executive team with high professional quality and strong service consciousness. It has standardized, professional and high-quality training models. It adheres to the advanced media planning concept and adheres to the principle of unity, innovation, honesty and reliability. It is bound to be yours. Create a masterpiece!

Professionally assist the exhibition staff, guide the exhibition, maintain order, sign in, scan, booth reception, exhibition booth communication and other work. Work is serious and responsible, obeying arrangements.

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Aluminum-made materials make your booth more environmentally friendly, easy to set up, save construction time and can be recycled many times

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S&W has a professional team with excellent skills and a team with rich practical experience.




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